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Provisional Recognition 2013-14
Provisional Recognition 2012-13

Welcome to MMC Hospital Trust

The medical set up incepted in the year 1937 in realistic approach till then right from Nineteen twenties Moorshead was the health programmer initiator. This English men came to witness the culture and tradition of the typical tribals settled in the Ghumusar region a patch habitation of the tribals. But he not only witnessed the rich heritage of the tribals and their innocence and ignorance but on the other hand he wellness it with a doctors eye also.It was so miserable dejection and vulnerable. He cancelled his tourist visit and turned a Missionary to address the health input badly required by the tribals. The area operation was vast and there was no medical facilitation even after 200 miles. Dr. Moorshead tried all his best to restore the health aspect of the area. The programme then covered over 500 villages. In area of 50 Sqr. Km which was confined in the field level their after his death his wife took of the bridle and established a hospital in his memory named after Moorshead Memorial Christian Hospital in the year 1936. This was inaugurated by H.E. SIR John Austin Hubback. The Hospital brightened and extended its service through out the state. Then Dr. E.G. Wilkins and it was more vigorous. When Dr. Thomas was in-charge of it. So he worked serving the people from 1951 to 1969. with utmost commitment and missionary spirit. Thus the hospital had a reputation gained the selfless service by the hospital staff. The term from 1938 to 1969 was health revolution in the tribal belt. The hospital was the only nurturing centre in the state. The best period ended till Mr. Hart and Sr. I.V. Right. And gradually the management started loosing its missionary spirit and internal spirit and disputes irrupted as the BMS started to loosen its grip from the management Ultimately it was left to the walls for further survival.

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